Amazon Kindle: The Best Kindle to Buy User Reviews

Kindles are great for reading – they get more than a month of battery life per charge and can hold thousands of books. Plus, Amazon offers unlimited book subscriptions. However, your Kindle isn’t just restricted to reading books from Amazon – you can also convert various other eBook formats for your Kindle. 

But the question is, which Kindle should you buy? Whether you’re new to eReaders in general or are looking to upgrade, we have details on what each Kindle device can do for you. 

The Amazon Kindle

The Amazon Kindle is a series of eReaders designed and marketed by Amazon. Amazon Kindle devices allow users to browse, download, buy, and read eBooks, magazines, newspapers, comics, and other digital media via wireless networking to the Kindle Store. 

Amazon Lab126 (also known as Lab126) is an American research and development and computer hardware owned by Amazon. It is widely known for developing Amazon’s Kindle line of tablets and eReaders. 

The very first Kindle was released in November 2007. It featured a six-inch four-level grayscale E Ink display, with 250 MB of internal storage, which could hold about 200 non-illustrated titles. It also has a headphone jack and speaker for listening to audio files. It is the only Kindle with expandable storage, via an SD card slot. Amazon didn’t sell the first-generation Kindle outside of the United States. 

Today, there are currently four Amazon Kindle models: Kindle with Front Light, Kindle Paperwhite, Kindle Oasis, and Kindle Kids Edition. All Kindle devices integrate with Kindle Store content and, as of March 2018, the store had more than 6 million eBooks available in the United States. 

The Best Kindles to Buy

With different models out in the market, with different storage capacities, connectivity options, colors, and more, you may be wondering which Kindle is best for you. Below, we list down some of the best kindles that you can buy today, along with reviews from users. 

  • Entry-Level Amazon Kindle

If you’re more of a casual reader, the entry-level Amazon Kindle is the best option for you. It offers a great balance of price and features. Launched in March 2019, the entry-level Amazon Kindle includes new features, such as the inclusion of a back-light which now means Amazon’s entire Kindle line come with illumination. 

You still get the benefits of the previous model, with an acceptable (and now back-lit) touchscreen display, plenty of space for all your eBooks, long-lasting battery, and an intuitive interface.

Here’s what users have to say:

“The improvements to the basic Kindle are great! I’ve been reading on mine the past several days and I’m extremely impressed. The lighting is the brightest, whitest and most even I’ve seen. It’s comfortable to hold, easy to read, and just as responsive as my Oasis and my husband’s Paperwhite. Highly recommend!” – Lynn 

“I held on to my first-gen touchscreen Kindle for a long time because the Paperwhite and Oasis upgrades had more features than I need and often were poorly reviewed. So I jumped on this new lighted version of the basic. Pleasantly surprised with the lighted screen, battery life (I read in Airplane mode), and smaller overall size with the same screen size. If you’re looking for a way to carry your books with you everywhere you go, this is the best deal.” – Joanne 

“I have owned multiple kindles, paperwhite (returned due to blurry screen), Voyage and latest Oasis. This is my favorite of the bunch. Screen is crisp (no extra layer of glass) 167dpi is fine for long form reading. If I need high def/color … use my ipad. Grey scale images and text are crisp. This is the lightest and smallest kindle to date which is the most important feature along with backlighting that is even. I have set the backlighting to a comfortable lighting for evening reading (and forget) and during the day rely on wonderful reflective screen for a more natural reading experience. The kindle is very responsive and at a wonderful price that you do not mind bringing it everywhere and do not worry about losing it. Well done amazon!!!!” – Fixedgear 

  • Amazon Kindle Paperwhite

Back in 2018, Amazon updated the Kindle Paperwhite to add several features from the Voyage and Oasis lines, including support for Audible audiobooks and IPX8-rated waterproofing. It still features a 6-inch HD display with 300ppi pixel density and 8GB of storage, meaning that you can still keep thousands of books on a single device. Plus, there’s a built-in light, so you won’t get any screen glare when reading it in bright sunlight. 

The Kindle Paperwhite is almost the closest that you can get to real paper while getting all of the benefits of an eReader. 

Here’s what users have to say:

“I am an avid reader and adore the new paperwhite! To me, it’s the perfect reader. No light bleed thru, easy to control the amount of backlight, easy to download books and simply just easy to read my books. It did not come with the very latest software uploaded but within 24 hours of being connected to my WiFi, the kindle updated itself. Honestly, I’ve never purchased a smart phone that didn’t need an update within minutes of activation…Android or Apple. Using overdrive on my phone or tablet, it’s easy to borrow books and return books from my library. The newest update allows you to return right from your paperwhite and that is a huge improvement. As a prime member, I get a free book every month plus I follow several emails that alert to free or greatly discounted books. 8 GB of storage is way more than enough for me. I find the weight to be significantly less than a paperback even with a case. I am happy with this purchase!” – Sherrie Thurman 

“I have only had it a week, obviously but love it so far. It is lighter and slightly smaller. It fits well in my hand and I love it and it is my 6th kindle so I have some experience with them.” – Richard Keller 

“The new Paperwhite to me is the best bang for your buck in terms of an e-reader. It’s essentially the same as the previous Paperwhite, with a few new upgrades. The biggest and nicest change is the flush screen. That was the biggest selling point to me. In the previous Paperwhite, the screen kind of dipped into the device, thus every so often you’d get debris and what not in the sides of the screen. So you had to clean it off every so often. With the flush screen, it’s smooth like an iPad screen, surface wise. You still got the same screen quality as the other Paperwhites though. The device is also water proof, which I guess that’s cool. But I don’t ever see myself being in a situation where I’m like “gotta get my kindle wet.” But I guess that’s a perk for people who like to read while in a pool, bathtub, or hot tub. There’s also new themes you can do that change the “theme” of your screen while you read. I haven’t messed around too much with that but seems like a cool new addition. It’s also lighter and a tad thinner than the previous Paperwhite model. So, that’s a plus. If you’re looking for a nice e reader, that isn’t too pricey, has a nice flush screen, with some cool perks like it being water resistant, I suggest this one. It does the same stuff as the Oasis and Voyage which are more expensive. This to me is just as nice and a lot more affordable.” – Birgey 

  • Amazon Kindle Oasis

If you’re looking for the most premium eReader experience available right now, then the latest Amazon Kindle Oasis is what you’re looking for – as long as you’re okay with the equally high-end price. 

The 2019 Kindle Oasis comes with new features like improved back-lighting, a more lightweight design, and a warm light you can turn on to reduce eye strain. It also comes with all the unique features of the Kindle Oasis range – it has a large high-quality display, a “ridge” design that makes the eReader easy to hold, and it comes with plenty of storage space, allowing readers to save as many books as possible. 

Here’s what users have to say:

“I have the previous generation oasis as well (on the left side in the pics) and wanted this one for reading at night. Overall there’s not many differences between the two, so if the light tone customizability isn’t important to you I wouldn’t particularly recommend this one over the 9th gen. However, the lighting is noticeably more even with the 10th gen (my older one visibly fades from one side to the other) and there’s a ton of variability in the tone of the screen. Overall, for me it was worth it, but your mileage may vary if you don’t read in a dark room (so as not to wake the spouse) before bed very often.” – Surrealle 

“I have always been of the belief… if you are willing to pay a bit more for a product – and as long as you use it regularly, its worth every penny. I am fortunate to have bought this new Oasis with a generous Birthday gift card from my wife. My early impressions are WOW. The 7 inch screen makes a huge difference. This Kindle is perfectly made with the reader who holds it in hand while reading in mind. Now, the new warm light is great. You can schedule it to kick in at a specific time, you can tell it to go by sunrise and sunset, or – simply set it manually. I have chosen the latter. By my taste (and use this as a guideline if you wish) I have brightness set to 15. I have set warmth to 12. I use the “bookerly” font set at bold setting number 2, and size – number 6. My only complaint is that (I hope AMAZON is listening) its time to replace the same screensavers that have been used for years. I think at this price point, the user should have a choice. The currect book reading’s cover is one – perhaps user selected images another. I have the ad free version and I hold it in hand while reading. This is the most comfortable reader yet in terms of comfort holding in one hand for hours while reading. Its worth every penny if you read most days. Now, battery life seems to be a bit of a disappointment but still – I cannot stir away from giving this genius device 5 stars. I also recommend the leather feel stickers that are available for the back that will eliminate the issues people have had with the “slippery” issues of the past. This is the KEEPER of Kindles. I have owned most – snce the keyboard model. Love it!!!” – Frederick Nunes 

“I have had the Oasis 2017 for one year now. This new 2019 updated iteration really caught my eye based on the warm lighting feature. Having used it today for several hours, I can say I am so pleased and exited I made the leap and upgraded. The device is very quick and snappy. The lighting is 5 stars. The buttons have a nice click feel to them. It feels so nice in the hand (no case). Now, for the warm lighting. It has improved an already incredible device even better. Please reference my 3 pics showing the warmer tones. One pic shows the lighting levels for all 3 pics. It is definitely easier on the eyes and makes the black text stand out even more. The screen is very sharp and crisp. The lighting setting in the pics mimics the color of pages in a hardback novel. No more harsh blue light for me. I intend to use the warmer lighting all day and night regardless of background lighting. The difference is that marked. Happy reading my Kindle friends :)” – Kindle Customer 

The Bottom Line

The Amazon Kindle is a great device for bookworms who want to have the ability to read anytime and anywhere. While there are many Amazon Kindle versions out there, our top three recommendations are the Entry-Level Amazon Kindle, Amazon Kindle Paperwhite, and Amazon Kindle Oasis. 

We hope that this guide has helped you choose a Kindle device for your needs.

Happy reading!

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